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We work with a small core teams per proposition area or solution. The core teams works closely together with a community of specialist (we call them people 4 people communities) who either work as independent professional or at our clients or partner firms.

Why do we have people 4 people communities?

We believe that organisations more and more will disintegrate towards independent professionals who work with each other in a more ‘fluent’ form, striving for meaningful and divers work experiences in stead of corporate careers.

We also believe that people need people to help challenge, energise or just help each other to have more fun, feel meaningful or for your well-being. 

What communities do we have?

For Digital Control we now have the following 5 communities: 

  • GRC, including Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance specialists working with TeamMate, GRC and data-analytical solutions for the 2’nd and 3rd line.
  • Analytics. control and technology specialists in the area of data-analytics, RPA, IoT focusing on Digital Control towards continuous monitoring (DC2CM).
  • IT control & security specialists, focusing.
  • SAP security & compliance specialists working with SAP GRC, BRIM, HANA using tooling to optimise authorisations, controls, auditing and monitoring in SAP.
  • Quality Assurance. Change and assurance specialists with deep skilled industry/technology knowledge.

For our other proposition areas,  Business Technology and Finance Future Now, we are starting new communities soon. Please check us out frequently.

Who are we looking for?
  1. Independent specialists with their own company offering their services as freelancer.
  2. Specialists at client organisation or partner firms.
  3. Small to medium sized organisations with focused specialists working in niche industries.
  4. Starting entrepreneurs who aim to build their own businesses.
What are your benefits?

We have 3 models how you can work with us. The more you work with us the better your conditions. In general your benefits are:


  • Improved market visibility (better profiling).
  • Increased market value (better fees) via our large network of clients and partners.
  • Support in job execution.
  • Diversity in experiences.
  • Education & (technical) training.
  • International experiences.
  • A professional family for all your support needs and fun with colleagues.
  • More flexibility in your work-life and more balance.
  • A start-up environment and active support to make your business successful.

Improve your market presence

We help you to profile yourself, document your client experiences and curriculum vitae. Through our extensive network of clients, vendors, partners and other independent professionals, we help you to profile yourself to find the right experiences in our regions.

Increase your market value

We intermediate between you and our client from orientation, to contracting and billing. We increase your market value (fee) working together with the best technology vendor and professional services firms.

Stand beside you

Working with us means that you are part of BR1GHT. All our people help you with their knowledge and expertise throughout the whole period of job executing, we enhance your profile and value with your new experiences and plan your next engagement.

Accelerate your growth

We work together building a long term developments path with a wide range of job experiences at as many different clients as possible (or many different at the same client). We accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Deepen your skill set and competences

We connect you to our people and community members and all knowledge sources to support your job execution and speed-up your development. We provide you with new digital technologies and (on the job) training and education.

You are one of our family

Being independent and still part of a big family. We take care of your professional and personal well-being. We treat all people who work with us as our own and offer a base (and office) with many social events and fun.

Helping you to focus on the value and fun

We help you to focus on value adding work and fun in life by supporting you with any concerns you might have in private or via  finance, tax and legal services, billing and administration. 

More private time

We help you to become more flexible in your work with the right adrenaline without stress. We guide you to work more efficient and less, whenever and where you want. We stimulate you to work more from home, but still connected and career focused.

Be an entrepreneur

Start to build your own company and partnerships under the BR1GHT umbrella and we guide you towards excellent entrepreneurship. We open our network and facilities and help you in all areas from start-up to scale-up, including investments.

Join our people communities today.

Did we trigger your curiosity about our people communities and would you like to know more? Please leave us a short note and we will contact you.

Thank you so much for your interest in us!

Our core team of specialists

Let us introduce ourselves

Managing Director

Visionair and client focosed


Ronald Teuthof

After 28 years at PwC (of which 13 as a partner), I needed a change, and BR1GHT was born. My focus lies on technology and control, with a clear vision on how digital will change our way-of-working. My passion is to bring clients, partners and specialists together and go on a journey with each other to become world class with lost of fun on the way.

I teach Continuous Monitoring at the University of Amsterdam where I also graduated as Master and Registered Accountant and EDP-auditor. Please see my LinkedIn.

‘the best way to predict your future is to create it yourself’

Beside watching my favorite soccer club Ajax, I love cultures and to meet new people, and like to backpack into the nature of the USA, Asia or South America. I try to write a series of novels about The Netherlands in the 17th century, but somehow got stuck after chapter 3. At least once a week I jump on my mountain bike to stay fit and in shape.

Father of 4

Opportunistic, positive, caring

Operations and Director Nordics


Linda Lundin

Started my career as a lawyer before I discovered that the GRC community was much more interesting when I joined the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Sweden. Became CEO of IIA Sweden in 2015 and am now looking forward to supporting the GRC professionals in a different way. Please see my LinkedIn.


‘If you are not willing to be a fool, you can’t become a master’

I was born and raised in Sweden, I recently moved to the Neteherlands. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and to try new things. Famously bad at directions and rollerskating, better at dancing and learning song lyrics by heart.


Director GRC

I get the things done with a personal touch

Rob van Wesel

Working 18,5 years at PwC and 2 years at Imation, with a focus on advising and auditing clients on their use of ERP and GRC technology, It was time for something else. With BR1GHT I really can make a difference and add value to clients in everything I do. 

My drive is to help my clients to get the most out of their technology, align it with their way of working and ambition with a forward-looking vision. Working together means for me that I am involved all the way and take the extra step. Please see my LinkedIn.


Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated…

I live in Nuenen, in North-Brabant, where van Gogh created some of his famous paintings. I love spending time with my family and friends and live life the burgundic way. In the wintertime I like to hit the slopes and enjoy the mountains of Austria and France. During summer I take the time to explore Italy, its flora & fauna, culture and cities and come to rest at lake Garda.


What you see is what you get.

People & change owner of Knack

It is all about people and well-being

Arosha Brouwer

Like BR1GHT, I believe in a future where individuals don’t join companies, they join causes. And that people will increasingly use their talents to contribute to projects that they find meaningful. I am currently engaged in ventures and projects relating to innovation, digitalization and new ways of working. My experience includes more than sixteen years of management consulting and digital engagement. I take a practical and hands-on approach when helping organizations redefine the way they deliver products and services – my focus is on “people” and on the “how”. I have led projects across sectors. Please see my LinkedIn.


‘Doe normaal’

I am a Sri-Lankan born Australian that is a Dutch citizen. I prefer the sun over the cold so you will often see my hemisphere hopping to catch the sun at various times of the year. My great loves include travel, learning new things from interesting people and sharing good food with people I love. I am a big fan of the Dutch saying, “doe normal” – it is important to stay grounded in life.


Stay grounded

Director Continuous Monitoring

Passion to really add value to clients with technology.

Meindert Keuning

After 13 years of KPMG and some time in my own company,  I concluded that working together and strengthen forces will lead to more innovation and client satisfaction. With BR1GHT we can make the difference in the world of business monitoring, compliance and trust. My strengths are my capabilities to be a trusted advisor, sparring partner to the board and management committees and committed to deliver what is promised. Within BR1GHT I will focus and lead the Continuous Monitoring and Compliance (as a service) propositions. I teach Risk & Control at the University of Amsterdam and graduated as Master in Information management and Registered Accountant and EDP-auditor and are Certified System and Information Auditor (CISA). Please see my LinkedIn


‘life is a caravan, drive far an be happy’

My live is a journey since I lived on my own. Happily married in Prinsenbeek with two suns. My character can be characterized as an entrepreneur business wise but also in my personal life.  I always strive to be independent, looking for new opportunities and traveling around. After years of living on a shoestring globally, with my family, we like to travel around in Europe with my electric car pulling our folding car, see what we will do, meet people and experience.  Next to that I like to cook on my BBQ, baking fresh bread , play hockey and to celebrate live in the south of the Netherlands with Carnaval, drinking a beer and have fun.


Coaching my adult sons

Enjoy every second

Technology Consultants

Passionate for technology

David van der Kleij

I started my career as an aircraft avionics mechanic at Martinair. While this was exciting, I decided to work closer to my passion. After working for PwC as an IT consultant with a focus on technology and control I joined BinckBank as an internal IT auditor. At TU Delft I studied Management of Technology and I did my post master at Erasmus University Rotterdam.  Registered as EDP auditor. Please see my LinkedIn.

‘the biggest risk is not taking any risk’

Passionate about technology and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us. Enjoy traveling and exploring new environments.

Analist pur sang

Director Analytics

What is your business attitude?

Jeroen Brugman

After different positions in financial services, I joined PwC and later Rabobank as a controller, before starting my own consulting firm in internal audit services. Now at BR1GHT I focus on data analytics and continuous monitoring. My drive is to make technology easy and useful, stripped of complexity so that it adds real value for the user. I teach information systems at Nyenrode University to accountancy students where I also graduated as Registered Controller. I studied at University of Amsterdam where I graduated as Master in Business Studies and Registered Operational Auditor. Please see my LinkedIn.


‘Anything worth doing, is worth doing right’

I started my career as a rock guitarist before I realised that technology and auditing is more my thing. I enjoy running, biking, scuba diving and reading. I read mostly non-fiction, but when I do read fiction I like reading Neil Stephenson. And I am a husband to Anastasia and father of Sophie, who will be a great rock guitarist one day.


Proud dad


SAP compliance expert

What is your business attitude?

Vincent Schaapman

My working live is dedicated to help people understand the strengths and weaknesses of their SAP security & compliance. I passionately believe that awareness leads to action and action leads to change. But changing is not easy, even if you want to. I am fully committed to sharing my knowledge and experience with you to become a driving force behind your transformation to a BR1GHT future. Thanks to my knowledge of SAP technology, my analytical and problem solving abilities, my background in business administration and my conceptual thinking, I am able to deliver the best possible end result for you. Please see my LinkedIn.


‘We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we only have one. ‘

One of many great quotes by Confucius and something I try to be aware of every day. Realising that live is a gift enables me to cherished and enjoy it. I am a proper family man who enjoys music, movies and games at home. I also relax when gardening and I love to cook for my wife and our family and friends.


people news

Developments from the people side

Welcome on board Wim Mandemakers

Welcome on board Wim Mandemakers

We are very happy to welcome Wim Mandemakers to the BR1GHT family. Wim started at PwC as a financial auditor and consultant in the GRC space. After 16 years, he continued his career at Atos as senior Director on large international technology transformation and GRC....

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Valor Management and BR1GHT join forced

Valor Management and BR1GHT join forced

BR1GHT<> and Valor Management <> are very happy to announce that, as per the 1'st of January 2021, BR1GHT and Valor Management have joined forces aiming to be one of the most dynamic independent solution providers for...

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BR1GHT welcomes David van der Kleij

BR1GHT welcomes David van der Kleij

It is a pleasure to announce that David van der Kleij has joined our BR1GHT family as of September 1. David has a strong background in IT and Internal Auditing in the financial industry. David will take upon him the IT and technology related topics of digital...

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BR1GHT welcomes Linda Lundin

BR1GHT welcomes Linda Lundin

We are proud to welcome Linda Lundin to the BR1GHT family. Linda was born in Sweden, but just recently moved to The Netherlands. She started her career as a lawyer before she discovered that the GRC space was much more interesting when she joined the Institute of...

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